Woman Wakes Up to Find Massive Alligator in Her Florida Kitchen

An 11-foot alligator has been detained for breaking and entering a Florida home after its resident woke up to find the reptile taking over her kitchen.

Mary woke up to loud noises in her kitchen at 3am after thinking she was being burgled credit: fox 13 NEWS 7 It took two trappers and 10 police officers two hours to get the alligator out of the.

Florida woman, 77, wakes to find 11ft alligator in her kitchen That is a big gator. mary wischhusen heard a crash and thought her house was being burgled, but instead found a "huge" reptile in her kitchen.

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VIDEO: Florida residents discover massive 11-foot alligator in kitchen. Share. 10 Shares. That's not something you want to wake up to in the morning.. Residents of home discovered an 11-foot alligator broke into their home.. Greensboro police looking for NFL player accused of strangling woman.

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Donna Heiss had a big surprise waiting for her when she got home Thursday. southern kitchen. yelling for her to close the garage door and get in the house: a “huge alligator”. Wake up to the day's top news, delivered to your inbox.. Online ~ 901 6th Street, Daytona Beach, FL 32117 ~ Privacy Policy.

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A late-night intruder at her home woke up a woman on Friday – but it was no. In her kitchen, the Florida woman found an 11-foot-long alligator.. mary Wischhusen, 77, found a huge alligator in the kitchen of her Clearwater, Florida home. Ms Wischhusen then went back to her bedroom after finding the.

Imagine waking up to an 11-foot gator inside your kitchen. It’s what one Clearwater woman found lurking inside her home around 3:30 Friday morning.

(AP) – Who knew that an 11-foot-alligator crashing through the kitchen window of a Florida home would turn out to be a. No one was hurt and the police and fire rescue workers who responded to her.

The woman glanced up from her book. mixed with the terror of seeing a huge reptile, its sharp teeth visible inside its powerful jaws, and kept their distance.Joie said it was all right. Wally -.

A WOMAN woke up to find a massive 11ft alligator rummaging through her kitchen on Friday.