Real-estate couple accused of stealing deposits on rental properties

But the young, professional couple wasn’t home that mid-September evening. They had rented their three-bedroom home on Airbnb, the popular, short-term rental. to covered property in the rare event.

A former assistant property manager in Grantville is accused of stealing more than $13,000 dollars in rent money. Following an investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Courtney Renee Parsons was charged with theft by taking and computer forgery. She was released from Coweta County Jail on an $11,200 bond Wednesday.

A security deposit is an amount of money you pay to your landlord to cover any damage incurred or necessary cleaning of the rental property once your lease has expired. May 30, 2013

Question: i have rented from a large realtor for 10 yrs same property my rent is due. Just got our deposit back and the charged us $260 for cleaning which we had. the landlord request only bank checks for rent due to his employee was stealing. Question: Oue lease is up in a couple of days, and the landlords and his.

But as demonstrated by my friend, using the gleaming office tower as a case in point, bricks and mortar are a clever way to hide one’s money, and Panama has long made itself available to real-estate .

Melanie Williams, 54, was charged with taking money from would-be renters after listing a Hampton Bays rental home that wasn’t actually available, Patch reported. As the move in date approached, Wil

Robert Kowalski is accused of. which the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. wants repaid already have been. Many of the properties in Robert Kowalski’s bankruptcy case had been collateral on loans.

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Ms Nguyen, 44, pleaded guilty last month to 11 counts of fraudulently converting to her own use deposits totalling. by Ms Nguyen’s husband and co-accused, Tri Duc Ngo, last year – “reinforced to.

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Recently we consulted with Avvo’s Legal Counsel and asked them questions on what to do if a tenant dies in your rental property. In the video below you watch as Eric Worral and Steve White of RentPrep discuss with Esther Sirotnik of Avvo.

Couple accused of rental scam in Largo arrested in Las Vegas. with at least 12 families and received deposits from the families ranging from $1,000-$4,300 per victim for an estimated total loss.

Getting a Divorce While Renting. Following the recent economic crisis throughout the United States and the volatile housing market fluctuations, many couples have opted for or were forced to enter rental agreements. Rental agreements are also known as leaseholds.