If You’re Wondering, Here’s How Much Serena Williams is Worth

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Serena Williams – Bio, Net Worth, Height, Husband, Baby, Age And Body Stats Serena Williams is an American renowned professional tennis player known for dominating the sport over the years together with her sister, Venus Williams.

Venus Williams Relationship and Rivalry With Serena. Although sisters and business partners, there has been quite the rivalry between the two as competitors on the court. Serena’s net worth sits at $180 million, which is well over $50 million more than venus’ net worth.

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Serena Williams Net Worth: Here's How Much the Tennis Star Has Made. Venus Williams have been playing tennis since they were little girls.

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Serena Williams seems to exude body confidence from every fiber of her being. Despite being a fantastic role model for women, she doesn’t always feel that way. She’s adopted a new, healthier lifestyle (at least for part of the time). Here’s what she eats.

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How much has she made over in her career, and how does she invest her money ?. Serena Williams is estimated to be worth around $180 million.. against her sister Venus to her domination against Maria Sharapova, are must-watch events.. Download Now: To be a profitable investor you first need to know the rules.

The women's US Open final Saturday has us wondering: Do goats ever kick their own. In the singles final Saturday, Serena Williams, 36, will once again face one of the. in top-level tennis, but even for the veteran Williams, this is new territory.. “I think if [Osaka] plays like she did tonight, she can definitely give Serena a.