Extremely rare albino alligator arrives at Illinois zoo

Red Wolves – When we visited in 2017 there were 3 red wolf pups – very rare to see those in the states; New Alligator exhibit (May 2019) has an albino alligator – very rare; Otters – the otter pups were very playful the day we were there; they’ve since sent some down to a zoo in Texas while their adults remain at MPZ

A rare alligator, this unique blue eyed albino alligator is only one of 12 white alligators in the world. His name is Bouya Blan which means white fog. During a 1986 land survey deep in a.

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 · The miller park zoo in Bloomington, Illinois is a very nice little zoo. They’re constantly changing, trying to ensure good habitats for their animals. They do a lot of engagement with social media to attempt to teach their visitors about the animals and make strides in conservation. They’re part of AZA’s mission to reintroduce the.

Oct. 5, 2011 A rare albino alligator has taken up residence with other scary fish in time for Halloween at the National Aquarium. She doesn’t have a name yet, but the aquarium is preparing a.

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“But, we don’t see that,” said an evolutionary biologist. “Tuskless males are extremely rare in African elephants.” Another factoid: it’s nothing new. Scientists said Asian elephants also evolved to.

 · The albino gorilla. Visitors to the Barcelona Zoo spent years pining over Snowflake the albino gorilla. This creature, which is perhaps one of the most famous examples of an albino animal, was beloved by thousands before he passed away.. The albino alligator.. the birds aren’t albino; they’re just a very rare breed of kiwi. Whether or.

Albino Alligators are very rare and are mainly found in zoos. They are very sensitive to light. 10 Animals That Deserve Their Own national geographic special albino alligator, doesn’t look as menacing in white Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium, Litchfield Park, Arizona See more

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Zoo keeper Mike Kirschner shows a newborn albino hedgehog at the Duisburg Zoo, Germany. This very rare hedgehog named "Meckie White" was born four weeks ago and was handed over by citizens who picked him up near their house. Hedgehogs are usually nocturnal and hibernate.